If you're a fan of this lens, you're well aware that there are no front filter threads available--until now!  Designed specifically for the Contax Zeiss 18mm f4.0 wide angle lens, this ring attaches directly to the front of the lens using three small set screws.  This provides an 80mm Outer Diameter and 77mm Internal Thread for mounting screw in filters, adapters, and accessories.  When using full frame sensors, vignetting may nauturally occure, but when switched to S35, the image is clean from corner to corner.  Finally, a step up ring designed for this beautiful lens!


Comes with 3 screws and a hex tool for easy installation.


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Watch Mark Holtze's video to learn more about the SIMMODING process: VINTAGE LENSES FOR VIDEO

Contax Zeiss 18mm f4.0 80mm O.D. / 77mm Ring