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Our SIMMOD LENS 82mm Self-Locking Variable Neutral Density 0.4 to 1.8 Filter is designed to mount onto lenses with 82mm front filter threads and provides an exposure reduction of 1.3 to 6 stops. The 0.4 to 1.8 density creates a darkening of the entire image, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. 


  • WORLDS SHARPEST AND MOST COLOR NEUTRAL ND/ GERMAN SCHOTT GLASS: From the moment you pick up our Variable ND, you’ll immediately feel the craftsmanship and quality. Our ND maintains a very well controlled and flat transmission all the way throughout the visible spectrum and into IR, delivering the worlds most color neutral results.
  • MRC16 OPTICAL COATING: 16 Layer Multi-Resistance Coated to significantly reduce lens flare and ghosting while reduce reflection, water repellent, increase surface durability, oil & dust Resistant. All these fantastic attributes are essential for working effectively outdoors. Our proprietary MRC coating is structurally harder than the glass itself and the reduced reflections improve the efficiency since less light is lost
  • Outer Locking Ring: For easier, repeatable control over density settings, the front ring is visually demarcated with numbers representing different density values and includes a rotation lever to further enable fast and precise positioning of the front ring. Once the front ring is rotated into a position that corresponds to the desired amount of density, the filter's rear ring can then be turned to lock the front ring into place, helping to ensure consistent exposures.


This filter is constructed from high quality German Schott optical glass for clarity and color fidelity. It is multi-coated to prevent internal ghosting as well as reflections and also features an 86mm front mounting thread which helps to reduce the likelihood of vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses.


DISCLAIMER:  Variable ND Filters comprise of two polarizing glass: one circular and one linear.  When turned to a full 90 degrees, the filter will let in the least amount of light at its darkest.  For our filters this is set at 10.  Our MAX hard stop is to indicate the point where you must ease off back to 10 to avoid any X pattern.  ALL Varaible ND's--no matter the brand, model, or how expensive, will show an X pattern if you go beyond it's intended point.  Our filters are no different.  However, our filters will be sharp, clean, color neutral, and free of the X pattern from ranges 1-10.  


Vignetting will occur if used on super wide angle lenses from 14mm up to 24mm on full frame sensor cameras.  This is a natural occurrence due to the cuvature of wide angle lenses.


Need a front lens cap for your filter?  Check out our 86mm Front Lens Cap for this filter.


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SIMMOD 82mm Variable Neutral Density 0.4 - 1.8 Filter w/ Case