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Introducing the Simmod Lens Full Spectrum Essence IRND Filters


Today marks a significant leap forward in lens technology as Simmod Lens launches its new magnetic, color-accurate IR Neutral Density (IRND) solution, designed specifically for ARRI Signature Zooms and Primes, as well as still lenses retrofitted with Simmod’s exclusive LPL mount conversion kits.


Product Features:

  • Rapid Installation: The magnetic design allows for swift attachment directly to the rear of compatible lenses. Each filter engages with a satisfying click, and changing filters is a matter of seconds.

  • Optimized Color and Light Transmission: Leveraging advanced filtration technology, these filters ensure minimal color shift and nearly perfect skin tones by uniformly reducing light across the entire spectrum while maintaining essential ultraviolet and infrared frequencies. This results in colors that replicate the original scene, making these filters ideal for post-production work.

  • Versatility and Durability: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a knurled edge for easy handling, each filter connects via 12 magnets ensuring secure attachment without accidental detachment.

  • Compact and Lightweight: These filters eliminate the need for bulky matte boxes and multiple step-down rings, offering a streamlined alternative that is smaller, lighter, and equally effective.

  • Comprehensive Offerings: Available in ND 0.3, ND 0.6, ND 0.9, ND 1.2, and a clear uncoated version, these filters cater to a wide range of filming conditions.

  • Innovative Rear Magnetic Filter System: Initially introduced with the Simmod rear diffusion options, this system now includes IRND capabilities, enhancing flexibility for cinematographers.


Installation and Compatibility:

  • Essence Filter System: Fits onto the magnetic rear mount of ARRI's Signature series lenses and Simmod LPL converted stills lenses.
  • Easy Setup: Replace the original pilot guide with the Essence magnetic pilot, screw it into the LPL mount, and you’re set to attach any of the Essence filters quickly.



    ***Please allow 3-5 business days for engraving***


    Do you have a custom design or logo you'd like on your caps? Send it to with your order number in the subject line.


    Special Instructions:

    • Requests to change lens information and data will not be accepted once an order is submitted for processing and engraving.

    • Please leave notes and instructions for EACH cap in the "Additional Info" Section. 

    • If you're sending us a custom design file, please let us know by selecting the corresponding options or simply indicate that in your instructions.

    • If you do not see your focal length or f.stop in the pull-down menu, DO NOT select the closest number.  Please leave the exact info in the "Additional Info"  Section

    • If you will be submitting a custom design file, please note that on the order.

    • For custom designs, please download this Illustrator TEMPLATE and export as a transparent (no background) PNG file.  Email the design file to with your order number in the subject line.


    Watch Mark Holtze's video to learn more about the SIMMODING process: VINTAGE LENSES FOR VIDEO


    Our Rear EF caps utilize a 1mm thick anodized aluminum top plate, allowing us to custom engrave to your specifications. Functional and stylish.


    Want a matching Engraved Front Cap? Check them out here!


    If you do not see a brand or focal length you are looking for, simply select OTHER and leave us a note.

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