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Protect your precious vintage lenses with our Custom Cut 6-hole lens case based on the Nanuk 933 case.   Each case is precision cut using a state-of-the-art laser CNC system designed for custom foam applications.  Our foam is made of Polyehthylene (FE), which is the most versatile and resilient type of foam on the market.  Benefits include the following:


  • Outstanding water, mold, and thermal resistance: Whether you are working in 40 degree or -50 weather conditions or caught in a thunderstorm, your equipment will remain comfortably oblivious to it all. 
  • Shock-absorbance: The foam fully absorbs all impact aimed at you gear.
  • Electric Insulating material:  Static electricity has no chance of messing with your electronics' micro-components.


This case fits 6 (six) lenses.  Each hole measures 80mm across in diameter to snugly fit our 80mm Outer Diameter SimRings.  The depth of each hole measures 5 inches deep and can be adjusted to match the height of your lens by using the supplied foam donuts to raise or lower the lens.


Lid Foam can be customized with any logo you wish to display.  We require 10 business days to process custom logos.  Please email custom logos to with your order number in the subject line.


*Lenses and Caps are for display only and are not included.