Turnaround Time:  3-5 business days



SIMply put, Alumicolor ™  is a proprietary process that allows full color printing on our aluminum caps.  With Alumicolor™ there are no limits!  If you can dream it, we can print it.  From gradient backgrounds to bright-flashy focal numbers, to full spectrum CMYK artwork, we’re able to transfer your design onto any of our aluminum series caps.


To purchaes an Alumicolor™ cap, we require PDF file of your design.  We will not be able to produce a cap without your design file.


The process is SIMple:

  • Deisgn your artwork within the size of the lens cap you're purchasing.  For example, if you're going to purchase the 80mm O.D. cap, your design would be within an 80mm circle.  Be creative!
  • Output your design as a PDF with transparent layer
  • Upload your design by clicking on the UPLOAD DESIGN button
  • We'll do the rest


Please output your design file per the requirements below:


File Format: PDF w/Transparent Layer

Resolution: 1920x1080

DPI: Minimum 720

Color Space: CMYK

Design:  Please design your artwork to fit within a 80mm circle


Here's some info on our caps:


It's the best fitting cap on the market!  We stand by our craftsmanship and are proud to say that we've sold thosuands of them to satisfied customers the world over!  Our 80mm Outer Diameter slip-on rubber caps come complete with aluminum labels anodized in the color and pattern references shown above.  Each aluminum label uses an industrial-grade 3M adhesive back for a guaranteed bond to withstand any condition--hot or cold.


Cap and aluminum labels come fully assembled and ready to use.