Designed exclusively for night time photography, our revolutionary ClearNite™ filter eliminates light pollution from the night sky.  Simply put, ClearNite™ blocks that yellow glow from sodium and mercury vapor lights, commonly used in metropolitan and urban cities around the world.  By preventing the dominant wavelengths of light associated with the color of those lamps from being recorded, the visibility of astronomical objects is enhanced, and artificial light sources are more clearly defined with less glare and improved contrast.


Product Highlights

  • Reduces Light Pollution in Night Sky
  • Blocks Yellow Sodium-Vapor Light
  • Blocks Yellow Mercury-Vapor Light
  • Blocks Yellow Light from Low CRI LEDs
  • 1.5-2.8x Filter Factor, 0.6 to 1.5 Stop
  • H-K9L Optical Glass Construction
  • Nano Coating
  • Aluminum-Alloy Filter Ring
  • 77mm Front Filter Threads
  • Leather Filter Pouch


SIMMOD ClearNite™ Filter

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