No substitutions or upgrades of parts allowed.


We make modding SIMple.  The SIMple Kit provides you with everything you need to fully SIMMOD your lenses from front to back.  Save time and money by ordering everything from one trusted source.


This kit works with all Leica R lenses.


Each SIMple Kit includes the following:


If you have selected Alumicolor™ Caps, we require you to upload the full design file in PDF  with a Transparent Layer.  Please output your design file per the requirements below:


Turnaround Time:  3-5 business days



File Format: PDF w/Transparent Layer

Resolution:  Minimum 1920x1080

DPI: Minimum 800

Color Space: CMYK

Design:  Please design your artwork to fit within a 80mm circle


RESOURCES: (filter sizes, lens info)


Contax Zeiss Lenses

Leica R Lenses

Nikon Lenses

Canon FD Lenses

Mamiya Lenses

All Other Lenses

LEICA R | SIMple Kit