Watch Mark Holtze's video to learn more about the SIMMODING process: VINTAGE LENSES FOR VIDEO


  • 95mm Outer Diameter (O.D.)
  • 86mm Front Inside Thread / Compatible with any 86mm diameter filter
  • Made of solid billet aluminum and anodized black


The Simmod Pro SimRing  screws onto the front filter thread of your lens and acts as a step up ring to provide a 86mm front internal thread for screw on accessories, while maintaining a consistent 95mm outer diameter for matte box compatibility.


Simply put, our 95mm rings are designed for precision and optimum fit, smoothness, and compatibility with any matte box system on the market. Converting your front outer diameter to 95mm is a quick and inexpensive upgrade that adds purpose and convenience to any lens set up.


To select the size you need, you must determine the front filter diameter of your lens.  Please follow the resources below as a reference.


CINE COMBO Includes:

  • 95mm O.D. PRO SIMRing
  • 95mm Slip-on-Cap 
  • EF Rear Cap


RESOURCES: (filter sizes, lens info)

Contax Zeiss Lenses

Leica R Lenses

Nikon Lenses

Canon FD Lenses

Mamiya Lenses

All Other Lenses


Ring Size
    • 86mm internal thread / 95mm Outer diameter ring
    • 95mm Slip On Lens Cap providing perfect fitment to protect your front element
    • EF Cap that locks with every turn