Cap Info: F-stop, Focal Length, Close Focus


Tired of not knowing which lens is which?  Here's a version of our 80mm slip on lens caps custom labeled with high quality, industrial grade vinyle stickers. 


Our Simmod Lens 80mm Slip On Caps are industry standard and are designed for the ultimate fitment onto any 80mm Outer Diameter step up front ring. The cap is made of rubber, providing a suction cup style fitment. When you pull the cap off, you actually hear the suction releasing, that's how tight it is. The same is when you put it on. These will not come loose like other brands.  Buy with confidence. This is by far the best 80mm Slip On Cap on the market!

80mm Front Cap | Slip On LEICA R

Focal Length
    • 80mm Diameter
    • Rubber