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At SIMMOD LENS we specialize in modifying vintage photo lenses for use on new mirrorless and motion picture cameras.  To date, we have modded thousands of lenses for DP's the world over.  Simply put, our service is second to none--providing clients with the fastest turnaround time in the industry!  

We can customize your modifications to your needs.  It's easy--just pick and choose which services you require and we'll be ready as soon as your lenses come through our doors.  

To learn more about the SIMMODING PROCESS, watch Mark Holtze's video here on VINTAGE LENSES FOR VIDEO

Still unsure about modding?  Justin Phillip talks about his MODDING JOURNEY.

All lenses sent to us must be accompanied by a lens intake form to provide us with the necessary instructions and details required before service can begin. Please fill out the form below:

Current Turnaround Time for Leica R, Contax Zeiss, Nikon Mods: 10 Business Days

Current Turnaround Time for Canon FD Mods: 15-20 Business Days

Prices are in USD + Shipping

*Price for EF Conversion Mounts start at $60 + $20/lens installation for Leica R, Contax Zeiss, and Nikon F.  All other mounts such as Canon FD to EF is priced at $150

Owners are responsible for all shipping charges, including return.

We do not rehouse lenses and only specialize in modding.

We cannot convert to PL mount, M42 to EF, or to any Sony E mount.



As an award winning cinematographer, Ron Sim csc is no stranger to the world of cinematography.  His passion for perfection and dedication to the craft goes well beyond the bright lights and big sets of commercial productions.  Much like cinematography, creating the SIMMOD System ™ began as a hobby while fidgeting in his man-cave in between shoot days.  It was also a way for him to stay out of his wife's path while she studies to become a doctor.  As an avid collector of vintage lenses, there was no shortage of lenses to choose from when sourcing the right glass to learn on.  Through the years, what started as an experiment to convert an old Leica still lens for cinema use became a sustainable passion.  To date, Ron has converted vintage lenses for aspiring and veteran DP's the world over.

We currently operate all lens modding operations out of our United States office located in downtown Detroit, Michigan.  All product orders are  fullfilled from our new office in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

If you have any questions about the SIMMOD System™ or need consultation about turning your vintage collection into cine lenses, give Ron a call or shoot him a message.

"Don't shoot what it looks like.  Shoot what it feels like."  -David Alan Harvey





Please be reminded that due to Ron's shoot schedule, any messages to him directly will receive a delayed reply.  Please excuse the delay. 

United States Operations

269 Walker St.

Suite 916

Detroit, MI 48207


Canada Operations

2117 Pelissier St

Windsor, ON N8X 1N3

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